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Erman Baradi's Film Industry Networking Event - Mixknowledgy

http://www.clickonthisshow.com Host Emilie Hagen covers the Mixknowledgy Networking event in Los Angeles. In this segment she talks with actess Jes Maza,

entrepreneur Erica De La Cruz, manager Ashley Josephson, actor Dale Godboldo, comedian Jennifer Buonantony, film composer Collin Chu, film maker Amit Shalev, film maker Elia Petridis and event creator Erman Baradi.

Check out:



Erman Baradi's Interview - the Mixknowledgy Event Creator

Virtual Reality Film-maker Elia Petridis

Actress Jes Meza

Film Composer Collin Chu

Dale Godboldo Interview

Jennifer Buonantony Interview

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