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NOVEMBER 5, 2021 - TORONTO, ON – Buzzing teen pop-rocker Sophie Powers has released her newest single “Greed” with fast-rising alternative singer/rapper DE’WAYNE. The rock anthem focuses on the destructive results that come from one of the most notorious deadly sings of all – Greed.

I wrote this at a time in my life where I was surrounded by people who seemed to want more and more and more from me and for themselves. I would always have to do things in order to meet their needs and impress them. I hated the fact that I still wanted to impress them, despite how they treated me and others. I hated every greedy person and thing on this planet. Teachers who expect students to never fail. Adults who expect children to respect them no matter what. Friends who remain friends with you only if you have something they want. For what?? For their own personal gain!!” shares Sophie on the new track. “G-R-E-E-D. It was therapeutic taking all of the energy that had been sucked out of me by greedy people and just setting it ablaze in a song.”

Speaking about his feature on the track DE’WAYNE shares, “I rode around jamming the track and it made me wanna drive fast so that was enough for me. It was already a jam so I just wanted to add where I could! I also really respect her being so young and killing it!!”

Fans can stream “Greed” today at

At just 16 years old, Sophie Powers is the bold voice of a new generation. She understands the unique pressures of modern girlhood and uses her experience to write unfiltered, devil-may-care anthems about the ups and downs of being yourself. One minute she’s confident and cool, with the sneering attitude of a punk rock front woman, and the next she’s vulnerable and raw, channeling the loneliness of contemporary life in a stirring ballad.

With over a million streams since her debut "Loney Army" earlier this year, Sophie has found her music on popular editorial playlists such as Punks Not Dead, It's a Bop, Rock Favorites, and Punk Unleashed. Her recent collaboration with Kellin Quinn on "1 Thing" continued Sophie's on-going conversation surrounding youth mental health, while her recent track "Life Goes On!!" reminds her peers the importance of moving on from heartbreak. Quickly making a name for herself, Sophie has received praise from the likes of American Songwriter, The Noise, Exclaim and CelebMix for her unfiltered and uncompromising voice.

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Even growing up in Spring, Texas on a diet of local hip-hop and singing in church with his family DE’WAYNE knew “if I got the chance, I could do something great”.

Determined to make it happen, he moved to L.A. at aged 19, worked two jobs to pay rent and “really went to the school of being dirt poor, learning how to write songs and where you want to put your voice in the world.”

Five years in the making, debut album STAINS sees the alt-pop superstar moving effortlessly through an eclectic range of styles, scenes and genres. It captures all the vibrant excitement he’s been building since the release of “National Anthem” and promises that there’s a lot more to come. “Every song on this record is urgent because it has to be.”

Even in a post-genre world where everyone is free to do whatever they want, DE’WAYNE is in a lane of his own. “People either love it or they don't get it yet,” he explains. Give them time.

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