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Welcome to Rosemary Street

A new web series by Elena Moscatt
Creator of Click On This TV, Life After Lisa and Jamie's Way

Hello!  We're so excited to start filming Rosemary Street!  We will be holding auditions in mid November and hope to start filming in early 2022 and spring of 2022 around the Charles Village area. 

This is a fictional series about living in Baltimore City, and follows characters in a non-linear way as they live, love and survive on Rosemary Street.  People will come and people will go - but Rosemary Street will always be there.   Plots will follow characters from the 1920s and up through the present day.  There's a lot of tales to tell on Rosemary Street!!  

Virtual Auditions will take place on zoom within the December/ January months.  

Character summaries will be listed here soon.  And you can check out our page on Backstage here:

We will move to an Official Website in November.   For more details on Elena Moscatt - check out her bio here:

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