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Meet Emilie Hagen

All About Emilie

Listen to her Comedy/ Talk Podcast HERE



Emilie Hagen and Steven Vance have an interesting viewpoint on everything and anything but does anyone care?

Emilie Hagen is a writer, comedian and host based in Los Angeles, California.

After completing her B.A. in Broadcast Journalism in Buffalo, New York, she moved to Los Angeles and has been a correspondent for several different entertainment outlets: Clevver News, Android TV, Jukin Media, Click on This, Live Starring…You!, ABCs of Attraction, the Red Carpet Report and her own personal YouTube channel, “The Thirst.”


She also travels the country as a live-event emcee and spokes model for various brands including Deezer Music and the Golden State Warriors.

Emilie is an improv and writing student at Second City Hollywood and has list-style articles published on Buzzfeed and Thought Catalog, her favorite sites to visit while she’s procrastinating.


Recently, a video she captured while waiting in line at the Hollywood post office went viral and was featured on Jimmy Kimmel Live and MTV’s “Joking Off.”


(Find her on Instagram @emilieknowseverything  and Twitter @emiliechagen)


Emilie’s Official Site is:

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