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About Johnny Alonso:

Outer Banks, Gotham, One Tree Hill, What Death Leaves Behind. Johnny Alonso is an American actor. He was born in New York and raised in Baltimore City.



Johnny Alonso earned a degree in acting from NYU’s Actor’s Studio.  A talent scout from ABC studios saw Alonso’s work during an improvisational technique class and asked him to audition for a role they had not been able to book for almost 2 months.


Alonso landed the one year role as “Seth”, a pine valley high school student and Susan Lucci’s nephew on “All My Children”, straight out of the Actor’s Studio – not bad for his first gig.


From there many opportunities followed – a guest starring role next to Ned Betty and Andre Brauer on “Homicide”, a two episode guest starring role on “Buffy, The Vampire Slayer” (Alonso worked with Sarah Michelle Gellar right before she left All My Children), an appearance with Samuel L. Jackson in “Rules Of Engagement”, and “Axe” the bass player boyfriend to Rachel Leigh Cooke’s character in “Stateside.


Things really picked up when Johnny landed a serious recurring on the final season of “Dawson’s Creek” as “Jimmy Franco”, a snide junior stock broker alongside Joshua Jackson and Katie Holmes. Originally a two episode contract (directed by Joanna Kerns from Growing Pains/Lifetime), it became an eight episode run with Dawson, Joey and Pacey.


Alonso also holds the record for the only actor to audition 28 times for a series on the WB before landing a job! Call it fate to have worked with Joanna Kerns. Joanna said she and Alonso would work together again one day. Right after Dawson’s Creek came to an end, Johnny’s agent received a call from ABC and Disney. This stroke of luck awarded Johnny the chance to work with the original cast from the series Growing Pains in “Growing Pains II – Return Of The Seavers” as “Mickey” Chrissy’s R-n-R, bad new boyfriend (Chrissy is the youngest Seaver played by Ashley Johnson).


Johnny spent one month on location in New Orleans co-starring with Kirk Cameron, Ashley Johnson, Joanna Kerns and Traci Gold.

Disney execs loved his work and eventually cast him in the Disney summer special “Stuck In The Suburbs” as “Trent” the hyperactive music video director. Again shot around the French Quarter in New Orleans.


When all of the dust settled, Johnny was called in to audition for the new WB series “One Tree Hill” and landed the current recurring role of “Joey D”, Haley and Chris’ New York band/tour manager (Bethany Joy Lens plays the role of “Haley” and Tyler Hilton plays “Chris”) Again this was a two episode deal which has been extended to nine episodes (so far).


Johnny is the only actor to segue from Dawson’s Creek to One Tree Hill (which took Dawson’s Creek’s place) and this time Johnny only auditioned one time for his role. Many other co-starring and guest starring credits include “FBI Files”, “The Adventures Of Young Van Helsing”, “Johnny Come Lately”, “Night Cry” and “The Passing”.


Most recently Johnny starred in Leaving Hollywood, accepted a part in Coffin and won an emmy for co-hosting NASA 360 – a web series featured on NASA’s website. The show also won the award for best editing. Needless to say heís keeping himself busy!

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