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Meet Sabrina Taylor-Smith

All About Sabrina

Singer, songwriter and actor, Sabrina is the first US citizen in her family. Born in Harlem, New York to a Trinidadian Indian mother and a British West African father, she now resides in Columbia, Maryland.


Sabrina’s childhood was influenced by many different cultures making her a true American girl. Sabrina attended Marymount Manhattan College in New York and received a competitive scholarship for acting but eventually left to join Sweetheartz, an all girl band in Hamburg, Germany.


In Germany she worked with songwriter Terri Bjerre and producer Torsten Abrolat. She also received training from Marvin Smith, Kevin Smith, Barry Sloane and Lincoln Taye.


Sabrina toured Europe with the Sweetheartz between 2005 and 2007.

At the end of 2007, she went to IPOP Las Vegas where she won several awards for singing and acting. Following the competition she recorded a three song EP which she both co-wrote and co-produced.


The broad spectrum of Sabrina’s music is directly influenced by her diverse background and upbringing. This in turn gives rise to some excellent experimental lyrical and musical inventions.


Sabrina recently opened her own recording studio in Columbia, Maryland. Some of her music will be heard on the soundtrack of the soon to be released movie Leaving Hollywood which stars one of her co-hosts, Johnny Alonso.


Besides playing the role of Kay Willis, Sabrina is also working as an assistant producer on Life After Lisa.

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