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Episode 5: Hala Interview - Sundance Film Festival 2019
Host Al Sotto interviews Caleb Pinkett and Anna Chlumsky

Host Al Sotto covers the Sundance 2019 film Hala and talks with producer Caleb Pinkett and actress Anna Chlumksy (Veep) about the making of Hala. Jada Pinkett also produced this film with her brother Caleb. Enjoy this podcast!

For more details on Hala, the movie - Click On This:

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Jada Pinkett Smith with her brother Caleb Pinkett

Episode 4: Actor/ composer Harley Flanagan and Writer/ Producer/Director Tom Phillips talk about "Between Wars"


Host Al Sotto sits down with Actor/Singer Harley Flanagan and Writer/ Producer/ Director Tom Phillips about the making of the 2020 Sundance film, Between Wars. Harley Francis Flanagan, an American musician/ composer is one of the founders of the  New York hardcore band Cro-Mags. In this segment he and Tom Phillips talk about Harley as an Actor, working with actors like Michael (The Sopranos) Imperioli and dealing with the tough subject of PTSD. This is a very personal and touching interview filmed at the Music Lodge during Sundance 2020.


For more details on the film- Click On This:


Also Check out Harley's Official Website at:

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