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  • Hosted by Dawn A Douglas / Filmed and Edited by

NEW! DC Web Fest 2017 - Web Series Creators & Web Festival Founders meet for powerful night of I

Host Dawn Douglas covers the DC Web Festival at the Navy Memorial in Washington, DC

Here's a sneak peek at the DC Web Fest 2017 segment!!

Here's the long version! In this segment Host Dawn A Douglas interviews Michael Ajakwa - Founder of the LA Web Fest, Otessa Ghadar - Founder of the DC Web Fest

and web series creator of the award winning series Orange Juice in Bishop's Garden, Morgan H. West of A Creative DC, Csongor Dobrotka, founder of the German Web Fest die Seriale and the award winning web series Number of Silence, Producer John Broughton of Farrugut Films - Best Screenplay for The Crossing, Film maker Joe Carabeo - Local Hero award for The Magic Trick, Film maker Antonio Herandez of Creative Garnish talks about his web series Garnish, DC Web Series Creator Brandon Russell - Beat and Path's "Walk of Shame" web series, and Tech and Media Attorney Brian Woolfolk talks about Net Neutrality and politics for content creators.

Don't forget to check out the DC Web Fest!!

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