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“Welcome to Daisyland” celebrates a victory with Screambox TV!

Watch all 4 episodes on Screambox TODAY!

The show “Welcome to Daisyland” celebrated a victory with Screambox TV, a subscription based horror streaming platform as of recently. “Welcome to Daisyland” is a horror anthology series that self released on Screambox TV. Screambox TV viewed the shows success with its release in early January of 2019 and decided to sign on to air the series in its entirety starting April 3rd.

“Welcome to Daisyland” follows the lives of traveling carnival workers in the 1970’s that find themselves in no name towns and the darker parts of society. The carnival was created by Daisy, whom is the ringmaster of the production. They set up in places where no one would seem to look or notice if anyone went missing. During the day, the carnies put on a show for the townspeople, but at night, it unfolds as a different and shadier scene. Each character has their own dark gifts and missions they must fulfill. The carnival isn’t in business to make money, but rather they are in the business of collecting souls. This leaves a mysterious balance of horror and innocent play to be viewed.

“Welcome to Daisyland” is directed by award winning director, Tony E. Valenzuela, best known for “The Axe Murders of Villisca” and the founder of BlackBox TV. David Edwards of Spitfire Music came alongside Valenzuela to executive produce the show. Spitfire Music features The Dead Daisies in “Welcome to Daisyland.” The Dead Daisies are an Australian-American rock band that believe in equal parts horror and rock, proving that their partnership with the show is a match made in......hell. The band will be the featured music for the entire series. Two of their recent songs are Judgment Day (The latest digital single released) and Dead and Gone (Swamp Version). Judgement Day’s music video promotes footage from the show.

The Actors starring in “Welcome to Daisyland” are Jessica Amlee, Tru Collins, Kellan Rhude, Aaron Groben, Jarrett Sleeper, George Todd McLachlan and Sam Aotaki.

“Welcome to Daisyland” is made for the ones with horror on their mind. This show is for the ones that don’t mind a little darkness in their shows and relish in the undercurrents of society. “Welcome to Daisyland” is the perfect mix of intrigue, seduction, thrill, mystery, and terror. All of the episodes of the first season can be watched commercial free and uncensored on Screambox TV. When the show aired on April 3rd, it made it it so horror enthusiasts would have plenty to catch up on.

The “Welcome to Daisyland” trailer and 4 episodes can be watched on Streambox TV. And from the Daisy, the Ringmaster herself, “enjoy your last night in town kiddies, come sunrise we’re gone. That’s right… go and play.”

For more info on the Cast, Crew, and Behind-The-Scenes - check out their Official site:

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