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ALONE TOGETHER FEST Taking Place via Instagram Live This Saturday, March 21st & Sunday, March 22nd

ALONE TOGETHER FEST Brings Together Cayley Spivey, Glacier Veins,

Kayak Jones, Wolf Culture, Future Teens, Chapel & More For Virtual Festival

Taking Place via Instagram Live This Saturday, March 21st & Sunday, March 22nd

March 19, 2020 - This weekend, Common Ground Collective is seeking to remove some of the distance created by recent quarantines by bringing together friends for the first ever Alone Together Fest. A virtual festival taking place over Instagram Live this Saturday (3/21) and Sunday (3/22), Alone Together Fest will feature acoustic performances from Maggie Schneider, Sunsleeper, Kayak Jones, Glacier Veins, Wolf Culture, Better Love, Cayley Spivey, and more.

Fans will be able to tune in via a dual livestream on the Common Ground Collective Instagram (@commongroundca) as well as each artist's individual account. Bands will be hanging out with fans and performing a 20 minute acoustic set, during which time a merch or donation link will be displayed for viewers to contribute to the artists if they'd like.

Performances will be taking place between 12pm-6pm PST. A full schedule can be found below.

For more information on Common Ground Collective:


12 PM - Maggie Schneider

12:30 PM - Belated.

1 PM - Palmist

1:30 PM - Fiona Grey

2 PM - Ness Lake

2:30 PM - Pronoun

3 PM - talker

3:30 PM - Sunsleeper

4 PM - Kayak Jones

4:30 PM - Whitehall

5 PM - Glacier Veins

5:30 PM - Colyer

6 PM - Shortly


12 PM - Wolf Culture

12:30 PM - Thick Skin

1 PM - Dan Sadin

1:30 PM - Early Internet

2 PM - Maggie Gently

2:30 PM - Overgrow

3 PM - Better Love

3:30 PM - Future Teens

4 PM - Cayley Spivey

4:30 PM - Whale Bones

5 PM - Chapel (Q&A Only)

5:30 PM - Love You Later

6 PM - I'm Glad It's You

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