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Alt Bloom Releases New Track Releases "Old Kick Drum"

Alt Bloom

Releases New Track

Releases "Old Kick Drum"

“..hooky guitar part over groovy beats and a catchy chorus...” - Rolling Stone “Pack your bags, because Alt Bloom is taking us to Neverland.” - Wonderland ”... an unmissable alt-pop hit.." - The Stumble Upon "Ethan Thompson is a musical genius." -The Aquarian

(July 2nd, 2021) Today, LA-based Alt-Pop artist Alt Bloom releases his new track "Old Kick Drum," a song about embracing past mistakes and persevering even when it feels difficult. An ode to anyone who feels like they are being held back by their past, Alt Bloom passionately describes the uplifting feeling one has when they not only accept their faults & mistakes, but learn to grow & live freely despite them. Listen to "Old Kick Drum" HERE.

Throughout the opening verse, Alt-Bloom's soulful vocals are isolated atop a pulsing beat as the track builds and carries into the powerful, anthemic pre-chorus, in which Alt Bloom sings, "But, I know that I'm still good/Even though I've done some bad/Oh lord I need this now more than I ever have /I know that I'm still good/Even though I've done some bad/But now I'm swinging harder than I ever have." The chorus is a force-of-nature; a dynamic & poetic representation of Alt Bloom's ability to invoke positivity and enthusiasm through every new song and "Old Kick Drum," an uplifting anthem for anyone and everyone, exemplifies this. "Old Kick Drum" follows the Peter-Pan influenced song "Fly Away" and "I Believe," Alt Bloom's track in collaboration with National Geographic's Planet Possible initiative, a new multi-platform, multi-year initiative aimed at helping consumers build on the scientific and environmental gains of the past year and empowering them to live more lightly on the planet (Listen HERE). Alt Bloom's first single release of 2021 "Tired" received praise from the likes of Rolling Stone India, who featured the song in their "Global Artists Spotlight" and applauded the track for its "hooky guitar over groovy beats and a catchy chorus," and The Aquarian praised Alt Bloom for his ability to transport listeners back to "the moments, emotions, and memories that were utilized to create something so breathtaking," and highlighted the song for its "essence of late nineties indie rock found intertwined with slick R&B stylings and a wistful pop flair." Since the release of his debut EP Astronaut Complex and taking 2020 by storm, Alt Bloom has accumulated over 36 Million total streams, been featured in Billboard, American Songwriter, F L A U N T, among others, and released a hit collaboration with LA rapper gnash with "text talk touch." Last year while in quarantine, Alt Bloom opted to find new ways to connect with his audience when the rest of the world was shutting down — whether it was putting out acoustic tracks and unreleased music on Soundcloud or hosting 'Tribe Tuesdays' on his Instagram and TikTok. When he wasn't connecting with fans or spending time in nature, he was in the studio writing and recording music for this new chapter of his career. Quarantine was a mixed bag of feelings,” Ethan remarked. “I was bummed to not be able to tour my first EP, but I was happy to be home in Montana recording music in my childhood bedroom. It brought me back to my roots and gave me a chance to get even closer to my fans - now dubbed ‘the tribe’. We all lifted each other up during the most locked down of times.

photo by Alex Strohl

About Alt Bloom: There is something intrinsically unique about multi-instrumentalist and lyricist Alt Bloom. With his seamless blend of alternative and timeless singer/songwriter pop, Alt Bloom has made himself known for crafting songs that encourage his listeners to escape; tracks that infuse dreamlike introspection paired with atmospheric melodies and, of course, Thompson’s signature tongue-in-cheek wordplay. Hailing from Montana and now based in LA, Alt Bloom first became entranced with music when he created a handmade songbook for his piano teacher when he was just seven. Since then, he’s been crafting and honing both his sound and songwriting, finding inspiration in his own eclectic group of influences—from Tom Petty to Oasis to Red Hot Chili Peppers to Mac Miller. Alt Bloom’s ability to genre-bend and lean into a variety of genres has found him collaborating with top producers such as John Hill (Portugal The Man, Imagine Dragons, Cage The Elephant), The Monsters & Strangerz (Maroon 5, Rihanna, Dua Lipa, Nick Jonas), Oak Felder (Lizzo, John Legend, Alessia Cara), and hit rapper gnash, to name a few. This genre-defying has materialized through a slew of hit singles that has garnered support from the likes of Ones to Watch, Hype Machine, Billboard and more. Alt Bloom’s debut EP Astronaut Complex, which was released earlier this year, highlights Thompson’s musical journey to date; a collection of songs that showcases his knack for confessional, relatable storytelling while also mastering his own distinct laidback sound. With over 36 million streams to date and an acclaimed debut EP, Alt Bloom is gearing up for the next stage of his career — something the singer/songwriter likes to compare to mountain hiking; a never-ending journey of creating impactful music that makes both Thompson and his dedicated listeners feel as if they are on top of the world.

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