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DC Web Fest 9 Celebrates Location Agnostic “New Normal” with New Virtual Format

DC Web Fest 9 Celebrates Location Agnostic “New Normal” with New Virtual Format

Washington, D.C. – The Ninth Annual DC Web Fest aims to immerse its guests in a 2-bit,

video-game style virtual world while promoting the best in independently-produced digital


With the theme “See Problems as Possibilities” and set for April 9th and 10th, the virtual event will showcase the best of independent digital media as well as meaningful discussions with top experts in the industry.

With a passion for STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics), D.C.

native and filmmaker Otessa Marie Ghadar created the DC Web Fest in 2013 to recognize

the best in independent digital media, while providing resources to help creators continue

creating at industry standard. A pioneer in creating digital content for streaming services,

Ghadar produced the viral web series “Orange Juice in Bishop’s Garden” in 2006 — a full

seven years before “House of Cards” hit Netflix. The show streamed on major platforms,

such as YouTube and Roku devices. Since then, she has published the first new media

textbook “The Wild West of Film” along with several new media projects that have been

featured in major media outlets. She has also contributed to local and international

discussions at various events and renowned institutions.

Ghadar recognizes and acknowledges the fact that we have altered our relationship with space and place, maximizing the festival’s presence in the digital sphere. While the in-person connection is missed, the festival aims to continue evolving virtually, which removes all physical barriers for an even more inclusive, global experience.

While event details are being finalized, the event will feature an international festival

directors' roundtable where guests will be able to hear from and engage with festival

directors from all around the world. Additionally, attendees can expect workshops and

masterclasses on how to effectively produce podcasts, finding and telling one's own story, and more!

Founded in 2013, the DC Web Fest highlights the intersection of entertainment and technology, featuring the best of the indie spirit in digital content (Web Series, Games, VR/AR, Apps, Podcasts, etc.). The festival remains at the forefront of emerging art and technology, with a focus on policy and IP implications, both local & international.

The mission of the festival is to entertain, educate, and promote these new and innovative forms of modern art. DC Web Fest strongly believes in STEAM, along with STEM: Science,

Technology, Engineering, Art, & Math.

“This annual event has positioned DC as the flashpoint for New Media, and it exposes the

District to ever expanding platforms. By introducing Washingtonians to original content, some of it produced in their own backyard, we aim to inspire engagement with and support for the creative economy,” says Ghadar.

Official Selections will be announced in early March, but guests can keep up with all festival

details at and @dcwebfest across Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter

Click On This host Lauren Francesca interviews the winners of #DCWEBFEST 2020

We'll be back again for 2021!!

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Paul Napoleon
Paul Napoleon
05 thg 3, 2021

DC web Fest is GREAT!!!

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