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Updated: Aug 5, 2021



JULY 1, 2021 – Upcoming alt-pop sensation Lana Love has shared her newest single and music video “American Love”. Recorded with the help of a full band, orchestra, and even a gothic choir, the new single conjures up images of classic films backed with an unparalleled symphonic-rock soundtrack. Fans can stream the new single here and watch the music video for “American Love” premiering now on Substream Magazine at On the new single, Lana shares “This song holds up a mirror to reflect on our own outdated belief systems and ideals of the ‘American Dream’ in hopes to inspire a new dream for the generation to come.” On a personal note, this release commemorates the declaration of my own independence as a female artist - this is my first time putting out a project that is 100% self-owned. I will be toasting with my flag held high on this Holiday of Sovereignty.” The release of “American Love” is paired with a music video that takes you back to Hollywood’s Golden Age, “an ode to the stars and starlets who went too soon” according to Lana, with the intention of defaming fame with an artistic view. Lana Love has also announced that, after three years, her self-titled EP will be released on October 1. The EP tells the story of Lana’s tremulous journey within the music industry – from genre shifts to medical stress and unfathomable heartbreak, this collection of songs has seen it all. Every once in a blue moon an artist emerges with an undeniable arsenal of talents and embarrassment of riches, and such is the case with contemporary pop artist Lana Love. The Atlanta-born juggernaut fully embodies the spirit of being multi-faceted as a singer, songwriter, classically trained pianist/musician, trained dancer, actor and burgeoning entrepreneur. The genesis for Lana’s musical journey started in Naples, Florida as a precocious 4-year old who was obsessed with Andrew Lloyd Weber’s iconic “Phantom of The Opera” and started playing the song, “Music of the Night,” by ear on piano in her living room. From that auspicious beginning, Lana has been immersed in honing and expressing her artistry in every medium available. By age 7, she had written her first song. She later studied music at the University of Florida and the American Music Theater and Dramatic Academy in New York. In her late teens, she was featured in several musical productions as a singer/actor/dancer produced by Disney and Nickelodeon that were presented internationally in over 20 countries throughout Europe. Back in the US she has amassed a number of television credits on programs that were broadcast by HBO, Warner Brothers, Discovery Channel, YouTube and Telemundo. She has also opened for mega rappers like Snoop Dogg and Wu Tang Clan, among other, dabbled in EDM and been a featured guest artist on RAF MC’s Latin dance track, “Baila.” Currently, Lana is the epitome of a female entrepreneur in a male-dominated field. Between finally owning 100% of her masters and joining the ranks alongside the few women that have broken the digital currency barrier with an NFT venture on the horizon, Lana is a lyricist for the upcoming Netflix documentary Malinche, written by Nacho Cano and orchestrated by Hans Zimmer. An entrepreneur and businesswoman at heart, Lana Love’s story continues to exponentially blossom. She is spreading the one message she holds most dearly...everything, absolutely everything — is LOVE.

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