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  • Catherine Moscatt

Talking Wolf Culture with singer/ songwriter Max Dervan

Click On This Journalist Catherine Moscatt talks with Singer / Songwriter Max Dervan about Wolf Culture during the Coronavirus Quarantine.

In 2015 Jake Daniels as drummer and Jay Dervan as guitarist pulled in talented singer/ songwriter Max Dervan and Wolf Culture was born.

“I am the main songwriter for Wolf Culture as it stands. Not to say that you definitely won’t hear efforts from the other guys in the band in the future but that’s how it’s gone so far."

“For me, songs are all about interesting melodies. I really don’t care what genre I’m listening to as long as it’s got that. So if I don’t start with a hook I’ve been humming all day long then it’ll be like playing a skeleton structure on an acoustic guitar recorded into Logic and then scatting gibberish lyrics over that until I found what I want.”

Their debut EP “The Devil’s Plans for Idle Hands” was released in 2018. Their newest song is called "Spite". “Spite" as a song is in essence about telling the world to piss off for a minute whilst you down 10 shots of tequila and sing summer lovin’ for the third time at your local karaoke night. It’s about doing whatever gets you through the day. For better or worse.”

“Lyrically, it’s an amalgamation of unpleasant personal experiences stuck together by a bittersweet chorus. I wanted to have the chorus feel like a burst into color and come as a relief from the dirt provided in the verses. I remember feeling the same about the chorus in our debut single “Wreck” so I guess I must like making songs that sound happy but really aren’t,,” said Max.

I asked Max how the band has matured.. “We’ve been a band for a while now so there’s no excuse really for us to be tripped up by certain elements of touring. You can’t go out drinking in EVERY city on the tour otherwise you’ll just die and won’t be able to put on the best performance for the people who came to see you. At 21 years of age I’d call that maturity.”

What advice would he give a band just starting out?

“Should go without saying but…..DONT BE DICKHEADS TO PEOPLE WHO PAID TO SEE YOUR BAND. I don’t know who needs to hear it but it is just such a shame when you meet a band whose music you like and they let themselves down,” says Max.

Of course the band, like everyone, has been affected by the Corona Virus.

Max says, “My personal social life is about the same (*laughs and then cries a little*). Covid19 has affected every person on the planet in some way, shape or form which is crazy when you think about it. I don’t know what this means for the already struggling music industry, but I really hope it brings out the best in us all. 

“Sadly, we had to cancel a tour with Palmist which was a shame and both Jay and myself have just “celebrated” our birthdays stuck inside so it could be better. The plus side is that I’m writing constantly. We still aren’t “fucking around” and that’s because we’re following the isolation guidelines.”

“All four of us are self-isolating in our respective homes, but we still stay in contact via Skype. It hasn’t been easy trying to pull off some of the things we would like to be doing at this time of year, but everyone is in the same boat and everyone has to do what they can to protect the vulnerable. My main activities include sleep, demos, learning how to pickle food, playing Warzone and sleep.”

When asked if he thought the Corona virus will help or hurt our society as well as individuals he said, “Everyone needs to step up and do their part. Even if it’s just simply the staying inside aspect of it. It’s all for a reason. I think it’s really reassuring for humanity when you see people checking in on their elderly neighbors when they are in need.”

Max says, “I love writing songs. It’s the only thing I consistently want to wake up and do every day. Even before the virus. As a band we just want to be heard. It really is enough to be told that your music has had a profound impact on a person’s life. Stick me behind a desk and I can’t do that.”

Max said the worst part of shows is when “no one moves”. “The best part is when people do move. I’m a simple man.”

There is new music in the making. When asked what he wants his fans to know he says, “How much I’m going to cry if they don’t like our new music.”

Wolf Culture Bio and Links:

Wolf Culture originated from the seaside town of Bournemouth (South Coast UK) back in 2015. After meeting in a former band, Jake Daniels (drummer) and Jay Dervan (guitarist) broke off and put their own ideas to good use. After quickly realizing a singer was needed to front the band, the duo pulled in the talents of vocalist Max Dervan. The band called in some favors and soon recorded a cover in their living room and uploaded it to YouTube. Their cover of 'Dial Tones' by Brighton band As It Is quickly reached over 20,000 views. The trio soon began working on their own music, drawing influences from modern pop-punk, emo and other genres. After receiving some great local reviews, the band started to see their first show offers coming in. In 2016, the trio was joined by bassist Josh Halbert and launched itself into the scene under the name of Wolf Culture. The band have since gone on to play shows with the likes of Like Pacific, Trophy Eyes, WSTR, Hawthorne Heights, Milestones, Weatherstate, Fort Hope, Better Than Never and much more.

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